The society is a non-profit organization and none of its income or assets shall accrue to the benefit of its members.

The objectives of the society are:

  • Advancement of Meteorological and allied sciences in all their aspects.
  • Dissemination of the knowledge of such sciences both among the scientific workers and among the public.
  • Application of Meteorology and allied sciences to various constructive human activities, such as, agriculture and land uses, irrigation and power development, navigation of sea and air, engineering and technology, medicine and public health etc.

To achieve the above objectives the society takes the following concrete steps:

  • Encourages research activity.
  • Organizes lectures, meetings, symposia, discussions etc.
  • Arranges to publish suitable pamphlets, books, periodicals, brochures etc.
  • Promotes Co-operation in scientific work.
  • Encourages the members to foster common interests of the Meteorological professions